About Parampujya Acharya Sudershanji Maharaj
From certainty to uncertainty; Mundanity to transcedentality; Sojourn in the realm of unexplored world for the ultimate truth in life; Acharya Shri has long nurtured a deep desire towards welfare of the downtrodden who remain neglected from the mainstream. In the realm of Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram, an enlightened soul emerged out and bloomed as a lotus in the remote hamlet of Mubarakpur under Sitamarhi district of the North Bihar on 2nd June 1937. A man, who had little interest in studies in his formative years evolved to become a profound scholar. Acharya Shri’s distinctly suave style is derived from his exhaustive formal education which include an M.A. in Hindi as also ornate degree and accolade like Ph.D., Sahitya Ratna, and Sahitya Visharad.  As a visionary whose quest for knowledge has impacted the face of education both in Bihar and abroad, Acharya Shri has been acknowledged for his untiring enthusiasm with numerous awards both in the field of education and spiritualism.

Acharya Shri`s simplistic and articulate methods of teachings with his trademark humane touch make Acharya Shri`s discourses potent in today`s ever growing environment of stress. Acharya Shri preaches with the aim to orient the present day human beings towards self realization of their need to maintain a healthy body, healthy mind and propagate the same thought through a healthy family. In his discourses, Acharya Shri emphasizes on the fact that pleasure is an abstract feeling which can be generated from the inner self. Like all great men who are in harmony with the environment, Acharya Shri feels that life is barren if one’s life is void of music. His teachings guide us to abstain from the hallucinations of the external world which leads us to frustration, agony, infliction, restlessness and ostentation. He encourages us towards an attitude of introspection which is achieved through meditation (Dhyan). Meditation according to him should form the essence of our daily routine in today’s’ fast paced life. Meditation only is the permanent cure of modern man’s mental and physical ailments. His lucid teachings explain that vacillation of our minds today is attributable to adoption of falsehood and arrogant attitudes in modern instrumentated lives.
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